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Elderly Care

We have a dedicated team of medical professionals who are trained in elderly care services like - medication management, injury care, IVs, catheter management etc. We also have an expert team of caretakers for preparing meals, bathing the patient, taking care of toilet routines, and providing full-time care.

Nursing care services available for:

We have a team of highly skilled nurses who will be taking care of your medical needs and offer following services:

  • Injury care

  • Manage IVs & Catheters

  • Monitoring vitals (temperature, blood pressure level, pulse rate, breathing rate, blood sugar level, weight and height)

  • Maintaining prescribed diet routine

  • Ensuring timely administration of medicines

  • Monitoring patient’s health and keeping doctors informed

  • Maintaining personal hygiene

  • ‚ÄčProviding services like catheterization, cannula insertion, vaccinations, administration of injections, enema application, RT insertion etc.

We have a team highly trained caregivers who offer following services:

  • Preparing meals and cleaning the house.

  • Providing companionship by walking along or taking elders who are in a wheelchair for a short walk.

  • For critically ill seniors, taking care of toilet routines and cleaning them

  • Taking care of dressing, feeding, bathing, oral care, and grooming.

  • Providing errand assistance like bringing groceries, going to bank or post office, getting the car serviced and other tasks.