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Medical Equipment at Home

“Healers at home” often reduces the length and cost of hospitalization. Home is the place where you feel comfortable as you enjoy your family support and familiar surroundings. Furthermore, when we ship the needed medical equipment to your home, you become independent, and it makes your recovery more comfortable and faster.

Best critical care and ICU support at home offered by Healers At Home

When it comes to a respiratory problem, having the essential health care equipment handy at home is beneficial at all the time. Making sure you have the right piece of equipment at home is critical in Respiratory Care. The medical supplies such as FAA approved portable oxygen concentrators, Nebulizers, Portable Cylinders and Regulators, CPAP therapy, BiPAP therapy are available with us for rent and purchase.

Limited mobility often gets attached to old age, that can be due to joint deformities, diseases or just because of the burden of weakening ages. Now it’s not so anymore with the introduction of “Healers at Home.” Many assistive devices, mobility products and medical equipment on rent are available or you can purchase from us to help the seniors go out and enjoy life like they did in their youth. Few of the products are wheelchairs, crutches, foldable walker, chair with commode, etc.

The recovery period after any Orthopaedic Surgery can be crucial and requires a lot of personalized approaches. Be it a total hip replacement surgery or a knee replacement surgery, the recovery period demands few medical types of equipment to progress safely and quickly through the rehabilitation. There is a wide range of medical equipment from top medical device companies for home care and are available with us for rent and lease to support your post-surgery period smoothly.

Our robust line of cardiac care equipment such as ECG machine, Infusion Pumps, etc. from best medical device companies for homecare helps the patients with intensive monitoring in the post-surgery care and treatment process. Since it is a crucial time when you need to monitor any signs of trouble closely, you need the sophisticated equipment that watches any sign of trouble and also aids in rapid recovery.



Tips for purchasing or renting equipment for Healthcare at Home

The most crucial thing to look upon after you come back from surgery is ‘not going back.’ To achieve this, you need to closely follow your doctor’s advice and search for all essential equipment that aids in better Healing.

Here are the tips that would be beneficial while purchasing or renting equipment for critical care at home:

  • Always analyse the length of time you will be using the equipment at home to decide whether to rent or to purchase.
  • If the machine is confined to use only for a limited period, it is better to rent it than to buy it.
  • Consider the technical level of the equipment because some electronic equipment may require maintenance and repair.
  • Always prefer a trusted equipment provider for your purchase or rent of equipment for Healthcare.
  • When we deliver equipment for best Critical care at home, we immediately verify the working conditions and seek for its complete operating procedure.
  • Some medical equipment is of utmost priority and should necessarily be at home shortly after discharge. In those conditions, place your order well in advance. Also, make sure the equipment is in working order before the homecoming of your loved ones from the hospital.